We are often asked about our process. It begins with our questionnaire, and then a conversation, or series of conversations until we feel like we have enough information to have a good understanding of your business and your business goals. Only then are we able to build your brand identity and/or your website.

We offer per-project pricing and pre-packaged branding and branding collections. Our branding solutions include strategy, design, production, and programming. Everything you need to start-up or refuel your marketing efforts. One stop shopping.

Questions about where to go with your marketing or branding? We offer an initial consultation session. We’ll have you fill out a questionnaire, follow-up questioning, and set up a hour and a half phone call to discuss your current branding, and marketing efforts, your target audience. We will discuss how to achieve your marketing and sales goals, come up with some creative ideas about how to attract more clients and discuss whether or not a re-brand is in order. If you decide to continue with Identity Kitchen to obtain your branding and marketing goals, we will deduct the cost of your consultation from your branding costs. If you are interested in purchasing and scheduling a consultation session, you can do so here…

Initial Brand Consultation

That conversation is continuous until your project is complete. Your final brand identity is delivered with a guidebook breaking down your logo, colors, fonts and all collateral pieces. All completed identity and collateral and website files will be backed-up on our system should your ever need replacement files.

Please email us at info@identitykitchen.com and we’ll be happy to send you our pricing brochure with all the details or create a custom quote.

Our custom branding begins at $2395. It is the backbone of elevating your business, and an important investment in taking your business or product to the next level.

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