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Classic Kids Photography

Classic Kids was one of the largest websites designed and programmed by IDK. The company had 10 studios each being represented by their own individually designed and difficult to find blogs and an overall flash portfolio website, which gave them a terrible Google ranking. They did not have the ability to update their own website and the individual studios had very little presence of their own to promote their work, events and news.

We wanted them to take advantage of their energetic staff all over the country. We worked on updating their brand identity and created a uniform, in-depth WordPress website, that would be rich in SEO and be limitless in its updateability.

We also created individual blogsites for each of the studios as sub-domians of their main domain. Every post, every article, every event displayed worked toward moving them a first page Google ranking. That is what we achieved. A first page ranking in every market they represent, from The Upper West Side in Manhattan to Newport Beach, as well as first page Google ranking in the overall term “children’s photography”. As well as a cohesively designed, easy to update online presence that serves as the main marketing tool for their studios across the country.

Please read the testimonial from the Founder of Classic Kids, Julie Floyd.

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