It has been six months in the making, and we are so pleased to launch the new Identity Kitchen and Identity Cafe. We have been quietly developing ready made Branding Products, as well as Pro Photo BlogSite Themes (coming very soon). We are so excited to finally feature so many projects, we weren’t able to showcase before.

This has been a team effort, and I would like to thank Kristin, Rezso, Rafiul and Theresa, who worked tirelessly to get these products and website(s) developed.

Thank you to our generous photographer friends, Denise Birdsong, of Modern Love Photography , Jordana Hazel of Hazelnut Photography, and Frances Iacuzzi Photography. Thank you for making us look so good!

And a very special thank you to Ashley Jankowski, Christine Tafoya, Paul Rumohr, Stephanie Reinish, Tiffany Deming, Zach Prez, Denise Gamboa and my beautiful family. Your support and advice is appreciated more than you will ever know.






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  • Doug Petty

    May 14, 2013

    Love the site! I know how hard you’ve worked on it.

  • Rezso

    May 17, 2013

    Really nice website. Congratulations!

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