Classic Kids Photography

Classic Kids was one of the largest websites designed and programmed by IDK. The company had 10 studios each being ...



We explored everything from the characteristics of the muse Thalia, to the nuances of the architecture of the space to ...


Photography Blogsites

Photography Blogsites was more than just a project, as its co-founder, it was my initial concept seen all the way ...


Corporate Work

This is a sampling of the client work done with Wee Small Hours Design in NYC. We specialized in all ...


Justine Ungaro Photography

This acclaimed wedding and portrait photographer, Justine Ungaro is known for a look that is clean, modern and timeless. Her ...


Mi Belle Photography

Josh and Michelle Beller are two photographers that are constantly pushing the envelope with their work. Their style is a ...


Lola & Roxy’s

Part Rock n Roll and part Vintage pin-up girl. Lola & Roxy were owner Connie Powell’s alter-egos, and the perfect ...


Various Photography Brands

Identity Kitchen was born in 2008, and that is when we were first introduced to the photography world. We felt ...


Mario Masitti

An absolute dream to work with, Mario Masitti had a very clear idea of the brand he wanted to create ...


Manolo Doreste

It is easy to see why Manolo Doreste is such an incredibly busy photographer. His warmth, his energy, his passion. ...


Various Photography Brands II

Here are a few more selects from those 70+ brand identities for photographers and photography related businesses we’ve been creating ...


Studio Diana

Redesigning the identity for Diana Adams’ photography studio, was an honor. With 20+ years as a top Washington D.C. wedding ...


Partridge Lane Studio

Formerly, Allen Hyslip Photography. Allen came to Identity Kitchen with a soup to nuts revamp in mind. We helped him ...


Jessica Renee Photography

Jessica Renee is not only a fantastically talented photographer, but also one of the most adorable and sweetest business women, ...



We had the absolute pleasure of creating the brand identity for the Turks and Caicos studio Brilliant, by Tropical Imaging. ...


Hillary Maybery Photography

Hillary Maybery wanted to create a stronger brand image and separate out her studio divisions. Hillary’s style and beautiful personality ...


La Bella Donna

We developed the initial identity for this cosmetics company by mother and daughter team Kathy and Nicole Tracy. The pioneer ...


Sara Morris Photography

We loved Sara Morris’ photography immediately. Her style is modern with a vintage flair. She collects antique furniture and uses ...


Follow Your Heart Photography

The branding project we did with Tiffany and Dean Deming, was so much fun, I did not want it to ...


Amy McWatty Photography

We set out to create a brand identity for this sweet southern photographer. Amy McWatty describes her work as dreamy, ...


Michelle Lindsay Photography

Copy coming soon.


Various Logos


Kensington-Lott Fine Art

We were asked to design the identity for Kensington-Lott Fine Arts, a contemporary museum in Grand Cayman. The vision of ...

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